Video Network Assessments


Atlantis Partners offers comprehensive video network assessments and services to ensure your AV and IT infrastructure remains operational. Through a combined utilization of their VNOC facility and team of Network Engineers, Atlantis Partners can perform accurate, real-time evaluation, monitoring, troubleshooting and repair of critical equipment and systems.

Offered Services

  • Telepresence & UC evaluations
  • Preventive maintenance & service
  • T&M support & Service Plan options deployment
  • Microsoft Surface hub support
  • Remote configuration & troubleshooting
  • Emergency on-site technicians
  • Polycom & Cisco infrastructure

Video Network Assessments

Assessment Diagnostic Services

Atlantis Partners tests, analyzes, monitors, measures and characterizes network health and performance in three phases on the client network.

  • Network testing and analysis of existing communications infrastructure
  • Network monitoring to capture critical data on the current system
  • Comprehensive assessment/testing of AV, IP telephony, and application integration

Solutions Support Services

  • Three levels of Solutions: Proactive, Reactive and SWAT
    • Proactive: Identify and resolve potential areas of weakness before they become problems
    • Reactive: Through testing, take action to upgrade or replace antiquated technologies
    • SWAT: Immediate deployment of technicians from Atlantis Partners’ local network to address critical needs
  • Atlantis Partners’ certified workforce guarantees highest level of expertise wherever and whenever necessary