The CTS Advantage

Atlantis Partners is a national audio visual installation firm that focuses on providing a quality labor force for all of your AV integration needs. We emphasize promoting CTS/CTS-I/CTS-D certification among our technicians in order to ensure that they can provide our clients with the best possible work. We value a highly trained labor force to meet the needs of our customers nationwide. A CTS certification not only reassures clients that a competent and experienced technician will be on the job, but it also makes sure that technicians follow a code of ethics, to ensure moral and ethical behavior on the job. CTS certification is a direct indicator of an individual’s full grasp of audiovisual knowledge, commitment to the industry and to their professional growth.

These certifications have been administered by InfoComm, a trade association representing the professional audiovisual and information communications industries, for more than 30 years. All certifications are ANSI accredited under the International Organization of Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission. Certified specialists must have a comprehensive knowledge of the AV industry and beyond. A CTS performs general technology solutions task by creating, operating, and servicing AV solutions, while conducting AV management activities. A CTS-D and CTS-I certification builds upon the basic skills acquired from the CTS certification to include AV system installation specialization and AV system design specialization.[1]

There are successful cases on how achieving a CTS/CTS-I/CTS-D certification has enriched a technician’s knowledge and skills in the AV field, not just at Atlantis but nation and companywide! Concerning the CTS certification Joel Vugteveen, a project manager for TVTI based out of Chicago, was quoted saying, “It’s considered the next step in terms of development and skill building… the exam also concerns the project phases before you do any work on site, such as talking to client, visiting the site, determining client needs, and so on. That aspect of it was very valuable.”[2] In another article, technician Annabelle Wellon described her own experience with the CTS certification, “Back then there was little available in the way of courses to learn more, the basics even! Yes there was manufacturer specific training days where you sat in a small room being spoke at for several hours, aimlessly wondering how large the pile of work was growing on your desk”.[3] For Annabelle, a CTS certification allowed her to compete on a national level, providing the training that she needed to become a star player in the audio visual installation labor force.

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