Structured Cabling And Infrastructure Solutions

Structured Cabling & InfrastructureAtlantis Partners offers the added convenience of handling your infrastructure cabling needs along with system integration. Atlantis staff members are certified by leading cable manufacturers such as 3M, Corning and Unicam Systems for cabling deployment and terminations. With extensive construction industry knowledge, this means that Atlantis technicians are completely equipped to handle all base building structured cabling needs, from backbone hardware and low voltage cabling to extensive certification testing on all projects.

Atlantis Partners understands what it takes to create clean, precision structured cabling installations and to keep these systems running smoothly. We will supply the technical expertise to install complex IT wiring systems and then follow through with thorough end-to-end testing to ensure the dependability and performance of your equipment.

Atlantis Partners structured cabling services include:

• New installations, remodeling, MAC (moves, adds, changes)
• Hardware – rack setting, backbone/ horizontal raceways
• Voice, data, video, audio, fiber
• Cable deployment & termination
• End to end testing, comprehensive certification reports